5 Myths About Lean That Are Holding You Back (LinkedIn)

Lean Myths

Raise your hand if you have ever had a bad experience with Lean! There is a good chance that it was the result of the misinterpretations of Lean explained in Collin McLoughlin’s new LinkedIn Pulse article 5 Myths About Lean That Are Holding You Back. These myths create a vicious self-fulfilling prophecy, both for those who anticipate them, and the misguided managers who turn them into reality.

Whether you are new to Lean or a long time practitioner, these myths will likely sound familiar. Why are they misguided, and what is the truth that they conceal? Collin discusses each of them, and analyzes why they arose in the first place. He then goes on to construct counter arguments that debunk each of them.

Have you ever had to deal with the consequences of a “fake” Lean implementation? Have you dealt with managers and consultants who know the tools and the jargon of Lean, but just don’t understand the purpose behind it? What are some other misconceptions about Lean that you have come across? We would love to hear your comments and feedback. There is already a great discussion happening on LinkedIn and it would be great to add more voices to the mix.

You can read the full article from Collin McLoughlin on Linkedin.

Here are a few more questions to think about:

Are there any unique Lean myths that crop up in your industry?

Did you ever believe something about Lean that you later realized was misguided?

If so, what changed your mind and how can you communicate this to others?

What do you think is the greatest underlying truth about Lean methodologies?

What was your worst experience with bad Lean implementation?

What was your best experience with good Lean implementation?

What do you think went wrong or right with the previous examples?