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Empower Employees

Creating a mission engaged workforce through a common understanding of the terminology, tools, and best practices within your organization is invaluable to creating an innovative and sustainable business.


Develop Leaders

All too often we talk about Lean management in the context of tools and spot improvements, but there is much more to being a leader than that. Learn to plan for the long-term, adapt to complex organizational challenges, and constantly ask questions about improving yourself and your organization as a whole.


Transform Organizations

Effective change comes from within an organization. World-class success is a result of capturing and channeling the talent of your staff toward providing quality products and services faster, and more cost effectively than your competition.


Our vivid imaginative conception is for every organization to be home to mission-engaged workers; where the world wants to experience how these people perform and develop as individuals.  These organizations will be world-class in all financial measures, all respects to humanity, and the environment.


The reason Enna exists is to fundamentally improve industry by exposing organizations to the very best applications of Lean Leadership Thinking.  To facilitate this purpose we engage employees, develop leaders, and transform organizations through our publications, training materials, study missions, and workshops.  This enables organizations to develop world-class operations and leadership structures that empower employees to achieve the very best results.


Fundamentally we are charged to help leaders cultivate mission-engaged employees who want to apply their discretionary efforts to their work life.


Product Innovation

We use our knowledge and imagination to translate lean concepts into products that meet a range of your needs. Our commitment to innovation and research has helped more than 10,000 businesses around the world.

Not satisfied with the training materials that were currently in the marketplace, we at Enna began, and continue, to develop high quality training modules that can be utilized within any industry. With our library of over 1000 training modules, each with varying depths of knowledge, there is something for every stage of your Lean implementation. Whether it is for personal enlightenment, company training, or assets to help you achieve a physical change that will help to alter and sustain a creative company culture, our products have the staying power you need.

Many of our training modules and materials have been designed for our Branches – to help our franchisees to learn, instruct, and provide a foundation from where they can grow. We are constantly working with industry leaders, branch owners, and our customers around the world to develop the materials that matter the most to you.

enna product innocation

Safe Shopping Gurantee

Enna takes great pride in offering a safe and secure online shopping experience.

The Enna Secure Shopping Guarantee: Your credit card transactions with us are 100% safe. Period. No one will ever gain access to your private information. You are protected. In the unlikely event that an unauthorized charge does occur, the Fair Credit Act guarantees you a maximum loss of only $50. Should any unauthorized charges appear on your credit card as a result of shopping on our website, you must notify your credit card provider in accordance with its reporting rules and procedures.

If your bank holds you liable for any of the $50 charge Enna will pay up to the $50 you incur if the unauthorized use of your card resulted through no fault of your own from purchases made on our website while using the secure server.
An actual human reviews each and every order. If we see something that’s not clear, we’ll contact you before we send out your shipment. We want it to be right, the first time.


Our Story

Would you believe the concept which would become Enna was the genesis of two lifelong friends having great food at a pizzeria in downtown Brussels, called La Pineta? While discussing being unsatisfied with our careers, we talked about the benefits of organizations being able to internalize their Kaizen activities. Over the course of this discussion we came to this conclusion: what fundamentally makes a business great is when employees want to apply their discretionary effort to their jobs. This is the underlying principle, regardless of operation methodology or new management techniques on the market; this is the tipping point to greatness.

The idea of Enna was born from this concept. We took our years of learning and collective experiences and began to form the business. The business gradually blossomed during the Fall of 2004.


For the next five months our development teams created everything from content to marketing plans, while securing capital to fund this large venture.  On May 3rd, 2005 Enna went live with the launch of its training materials to reach the growing community of Lean and Six Sigma learners, practitioners, and coaches. And then, the magic happened! On May 12th, 2005, Enna received its first order, from Tualatin, Oregon, and the orders haven’t stopped since!