Perception gap highlights importance of leadership development

Corporate executives and managers are, almost by definition, leaders of their respective organizations. However, a concerning amount of these professionals overlook or fail to grasp the importance of strong leadership skills – much less the need to develop such talent in-house. Being an effective leader requires the articulation of a vision or defining strategy for

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Companies cite leadership development as top priority in 2012

Leadership development is seen as a top priority among global corporations, according to a study released this week by consulting firm SHL. In fact, most organizations view leadership training as more important than employee development. Specifically, more than half of surveyed HR professionals across 32 different countries – 56 percent – pointed to staff retention

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Installing employee empowerment from the top

Employee empowerment is an odd phrase in that while it suggests giving frontline workers more freedom and ownership over their jobs, it can only come about if it's supported by upper management. It's about executives and business leaders trusting their employees enough to let them take control of their work. Thus, in order for workers

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