Toyota is a City

Toyota Historic Photos

A lot of companies like to think of themselves as more than a business. They call themselves a team, a community, or even a family. This is what people think about when they describe a meaningful work culture, yet few companies can back up these claims with any hard evidence. The concepts are, after all,

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The Robots Are Coming! A Future of Autonomation

Lean Blog - Technology Luddites

Even if we never find ourselves in the nightmarish futures imagined by The Terminator and The Matrix, people are becoming increasingly uncomfortable with the capabilities of machines. Actually, people have been uncomfortable with this for over 200 years. From the earliest days of industrialization in the 18th century, to the 21st century’s upheavals brought on

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5 Process Improvement Pioneers in Their Youth

Process Improvement Pioneers - Young Henry Ford - Featured

The People Who Would Develop Modern Management and Industry We tend to think of famous historical figures frozen in time. Usually, a few portraits come to define them in the public consciousness. Many of the process improvement pioneers who inspired modern management practices are remembered with gray hair and distinguished faces. It’s easy to forget

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