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Developing Leaders - Empowering Employees

We offer the missing pieces that make Lean not just an ideal, but a scientific formula for success in any industry. “Lean” and “Kaizen” have been buzzwords in consulting for decades now, and yet many organizations still struggle to achieve the promised results. From waste elimination to employee engagement, we offer the techniques to achieve results that truly transform your entire organization.


Enna’s long list of successful clients includes organizations from various manufacturing industries all the way to service industries including healthcare, retail, sales, education, marketing, and more. They have all found new perspective and purpose through our coaching and continue to make their own innovations and develop their own leaders, using what we have shown them to create organizations where Kaizen (continuous self-development) is a part of every activity they engage in.

Enna’s transformation approach focuses on developing strong leadership as the first key step to build a strong foundation before continuing onto refining value streams, optimizing each process, and ultimately redesigning facilities and equipment to sustain the transformation and generate future innovations.


Get On-Site Training

We have exclusive connections to the chosen successors of Taiichi Ohno, the man who is often called The Father of TPS. With this lineage, we can offer coaching that is in a class above anyone else in the world. The Toyota Production System (TPS) has long been the envy of not only manufacturing companies, but organizations in all industries. Many have claimed to know the secret recipe for Toyota’s success, but we have the history to prove it.

Story of a Successful Transformation with Enna

Success Story for Healthcare: Strategy Deployment

Success Story for Healthcare: Physician Engagement


Start Your Journey

In addition to extensive on-site coaching, Enna organizes world-renowned study missions to Japan. We partner with the top Lean organizations in the world to give our client an unprecedented inside look at the workings of organizations who have been practicing Lean for decades, including those that developed these popular methods internally, including Toyota and many more. This is a resource that no one else in the industry can match.

  • Customize your training based on your unique needs
  • Discover how to cultivate a sustainable Lean culture
  • Discover the roles and responsibilities of leaders
  • Immerse yourself in innovative and truly engaged workplace cultures
  • Develop your action plans with world-class Lean practitioners

Clients Share the Value of Training in Japan

Enna Leadership Team

Collin McLoughlin


Putting self-esteem into action at work.

Collin is internationally recognized as a true innovator in the field of process improvement. Collin brings a wealth of experience and insight to the needs of your company. He has led over 60 study missions to Japan and personally trained over 8,000 people in Kaizen in 12 different industries. If you have a problem, chances are he has seen it before. He is the author of over 700 published products, making him one the most published authors in the process improvement field.

His latest endeavor is conveying the true meaning and intent of Taiichi Ohno’s method of Kaizen. Collin is able to reform organizations through all layers of leadership and management. He understands how to build the scientific model to engage people and build a sustainable business. He is able to deliver on theory and provide companies around the world with the framework for success.

Jun Nakamuro


Putting self-esteem into action at work.

Jun Nakamuro is endorsed to coach the Taiichi Ohno method of Lean and Kaizen beyond the techniques developed at Toyota. Since 2007, Jun has undergone extensive training in Japan and received certification in the TPS methods officially approved by Taiichi Ohno. Ohno’s most successful protégé, Hitoshi Yamada, has recognized Jun’s achievement and endorsed him as a successor of Ohno’s philosophy.

Jun specializes in realizing transformation of Process, Mindset, and Technology. Jun has gained extensive experience coaching in various industries, including healthcare, manufacturing and much more.

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