Continuous improvement helps Lockheed Martin hit sustainability goals

American technology company Lockheed Martin recently achieved a set of five-year global environmental goals that were made back in 2008. Carol Cala, the company's vice president of energy, environment, safety and health, credits continuous improvement for help in accomplishing these standards.

What's more, in addition to helping Lockheed Martin become greener, continuous improvement has also enabled the company to boost revenue by 12 percent since 2007, Cala writes for the Environmental Leader. She also stressed the importance of creating goals – without setting strict objectives, companies would have nothing to strive for, she argues.

“When you grow a business sustainably, you don't see a finish line,” Cala explains. “With every achievement, you learn new ways to continuously improve your environmental performance. This is a virtuous cycle that with appropriate focus delivers multifaceted ROI to companies of all sizes.”

Lean and sustainability don't always go hand-in-hand, but can frequently be leveraged to achieve the same results. However, in order to do this, businesses must make them both objectives from the outset. This will help ensure each goal is being accomplished in a satisfactory and complementary manner.