Eliminating hidden problems with Lean

At big companies, it's often hard to pinpoint the root cause of problems. Systems of complex policies and processes obfuscate what is actually happening – for example, when a manufacturer is shipping and storing a ton of inventory, it can be difficult to track everything and really discover where things are going wrong because of everything that's happening at once.

This is precisely why many manufacturers are implementing Lean practices. Lean manufacturing enables companies to reduce waste and in-process inventory items. It helps businesses expose problems at the root because only the items that need to be tracked at any given moment are monitored. Lean significantly reduces the amount of white noise in the manufacturing setting, allowing organizations to discover wasteful processes and procedures.

“The implication is that by eliminating transportation waste and leaning out production, you create far more efficient systems, and produce far higher quality goods for less,” explains sustainable business blog Triple Pundit.

Complexity is often the antithesis of efficiency, so by focusing on Lean, businesses can reduce waste and make operations much simpler.