Facebook access breeds happier, more productive employees

Trust is the ultimate tool for empowering employees and improving workplace satisfaction. When workers feel as if they are trusted by their bosses and upper management, they feel more like an active part of a team and less like a simple cog in a machine.

So how can employers show they trust employees? Pay raises and promotions are certainly one way of achieving that goal, but companies' efforts don't have to be nearly as extravagant. Even simple things like allowing workers to browse the internet or use Facebook can help – by giving employees free choice, you are showing them you trust their decision-making abilities.

Facebook has long been a divisive sticking point for managers – should they let workers access the social site? Recent research from corporate wellness firm Keas suggests employees who are allowed to use the web are actually 16 percent more productive than those who aren't and 39 percent more active than those given no breaks. Additionally, the Facebook group was found to be happier and healthier.

Empowering employees can help transform a business into a Lean one, and even the little things can help contribute toward that goal.