Improving from perfection

Continuous improvement is a core concept of Kaizen, with Lean businesses always looking to reduce waste and generally improve operations. But how can companies improve when they are already best-in-class? This is a question that Harmen Dubbelaar, general manager of Hotel Okura Macau, frequently asks himself.

According to China Daily, the hotel has a high occupancy rate at a consistent 90 percent – figures that many hoteliers would dream to achieve. At the same time, Dubbelaar is always cognizant of complacency and values the importance of continuous improvement. He explains that while consistent fill rates are important, there are always other ways to boost the experience.

For example, at his hotel, he's always looking for ways to make his guests happier. Most of the short-stay guests are from Hong Kong, and Dubbelaar believes if his hotel isn't always improving, these demanding guests won't be content.

“Once you have reached that level of occupancy, you can really test your organization whether [it] can truly deliver the experience,” says Dubbelaar. “That's what we are trying to accomplish every day.”

There are always ways businesses can improve, and Kaizen can help companies identify the best strategy for doing just that.