Leveraging training as a branding experience

Employees are an important part of any company. Businesses following the Kaizen mindset need to empower workers at every level of the company, and one of the most effective ways to do this is through training.

Training offers organizations an opportunity to help develop their workforce. However, many companies stumble at this point by not creating training experiences that engage those going through the process. As Forbes notes, training sessions are an opportunity to promote a brand and foster an all-encompassing work culture.

“For many organizations, the strength of the company's brand rests on the values and behaviors of its leaders and staff,” the news source adds. “And with ever-shrinking external media budgets to influence the marketplace, employee evangelists have become an essential part of the brand strategy.”

Data from a Bersin & Associates report suggests big businesses spend upward of $58 billion on employee training each year. It's paramount they make the most of this money by investing in training materials that engage the employee as an individual.

Enna produces a variety of training materials, ranging from interactive games to books, that will help companies bring employees up to speed on concepts such as continuous improvement.