Process improvement program makes use of diverse platforms and technologies

Genpact, a global business process management service, and energy and tech consultant Johnson Controls have partnered to create materials for driving organizational development and sustainability.

The agreement will help Genpact streamline processes and develop learning solutions for a wide swath of employee specialties, such as service technicians, field engineers, sales, technical instructors, legal teams, human resources and project managers.

Specialists will deploy these learning products and materials through a variety of mediums, including e-learning, classroom training, webinars, website development, mobile-based training, user manuals, project assistance and training guides.

“Genpact's ability to run a number of deep processes and continuously improve them using Lean and Six Sigma will help us drive innovation and effectiveness in our learning programs,” said Suzanne Sherry, director of global talent development at Johnson. “Genpact has proven experience in designing, developing, and deploying engaging learning content and programs.”

In order to replicate success throughout its network, the global brand also aims to help deliver improved performance and cost savings for process monitoring, content re-use and content translation. The program highlights the value of versatility in developing a comprehensive employee learning strategy.