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5S Action Kit


5S Action Kit


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5S Game

Visualize the power and benefits of 5S with our new 5S Action Kit. Our innovative, hands on exercise facilitates team building as it walks participants through the 5S principles. The participants will learn by doing. Step by step, team members become familiar with 5S by taking 5S concepts and applying them directly to the exercise. The interactive aspects of our 5S game link knowledge with action, providing a tactile as well as visual learning experience.

  • Easily upgradeable to accommodate larger groups
  • Works in conjunction with our 5S Solution package, a full 5S training and implementation package
  • Includes a Facilitator Guide to guide the trainer through the exercise
  • Includes a Flash Presentation to facilitate the exercise
  • Comes packaged in a handsome, heavy duty messenger bag for easy transport.

Included in the 5S Action Kit :

  • 1 – Facilitator Guide with CD Presentation
  • 2 – Tool kits
  • 2 – Sets of Lego pieces
  • 2 – Stop watches
  • 3 – Pads of Post-it® notes
  • 1 – Package of markers for the 5S game
  • 1 – 5S Evaluation Review Form (5S Audit Form)
  • 50 – 5S Red Tags

When to Use Lean Games For Training

Use games as a tool when you are encountering the following:

  • Teaching principles that are wide in scope and broad in principle.
  • Concepts are counter common sense (counter intuitive) to participant’s experiences.
  • Emotions about these issues are involved.
  • Adapting attitudes and habits must be formed.
  • A shift in thinking is needed that explaining can not foster.
  • During implementation a simple, hands-on, concept review is needed.


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