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5S Office: 30 Day Action Log


5S Office: 30 Day Action Log


ISBN: 9781138078628
SKU: 227.

The 30 Day Action Log form is used as the central point of communication for specific actionable items to be performed over the 30 days following the completion of a 5S Office workshop. This form tracks identified 5S Office problems found during the workshop that cannot be solved immediately due to a number of reasons, but are important enough and actionable enough to be listed on the form. The form describes the activities, assigns the person responsible for their completion, and provides possible solutions. Using this form assists in the continuance of a sustainable Office 5S program.

Enna’s forms in this 5S Office program are designed for practical use and to accomplish two main roles in a 5S program: involve and document. A pad / form consists of 25 – 11×14 sheets of paper with a cardboard backing.


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5S 30 Day Action Log

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