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5S Office: Evaluation Review Form


5S Office: Evaluation Review Form



ISBN: 9781138078604
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This 5S office evaluation form is essential for all Office 5S activity because it provides the criteria for benchmarking your work area in order to provide an objective measurement for each element of 5S. No other company has this assessment criteria documented into one concise form. The 5S Office Evaluation Review Form assesses each element of 5S – Sort, Straighten/Set in Order, Sweep/Shine, Standardize, and Sustain – in the specific office area.

Enna’s forms in this 5S program are designed for practical use and to accomplish two main roles in a 5S training program: involve and document. A pad / form consists of 25 – 11×14 sheets of paper with a cardboard backing.


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5S Office Evaluation Form

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