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5S Version 2 Participant Workbook


5S Version 2 Participant Workbook



ISBN: 9781138069497
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The 5S V2 Participant Workbook is designed to be used during the 5S Workshop. This product focuses around the terms Sort, Set In Order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain. This workbook allows the participant to systematically follow the workshop and will serve as a continued reference long after training and the workshop are finished.

Each workbook helps participants:

  • Follow the trainer through the workshop
  • Understand the challenges of implementing 5S in their work area
  • Documentation of the workshop
  • Document, in the participant’s own words, response to key questions throughout the material

Purchase the 5S V2 Participant Workbook for each person involved in the workshop. The workbook is an integral part of the presentation and workshop and includes a self-assessment form at the end of the workbook to solidify retention of key concepts.


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5s Version2 Workbook

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