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A3 Problem Solving Quick Learning Kit


A3 Problem Solving Quick Learning Kit


ISBN: 9781926537825
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Enna’s A3 Problem Solving Quick Learning Kit will help you jump start your problem solving efforts by providing the guidance and tools necessary. Train your staff in the concepts of the PDCA cycle while develop an eye for waste elimination and the platform to complete it all.This combination of short, explanatory videos, plus actionable items using the A3 Form and A3 Quick Study Guide, enables you to quickly begin solving your problems in an organized fashion and keep the momentum going!

Video Set Includes:

  • A3 Problem Situation Section

A well stated problem situation is the foundation of an effective A3.

  • A3 Target Section

The Target sets the objectives and deadlines of the A3

  • A3 Theme Section

Give your A3 a descriptive title and at-a-glance understanding

  • A3 Cause Analysis Section

Identify the root cause of the problem

  • A3 Countermeasure Section

Suggest options for tackling the problem

  • A3 Implementation Section

Give action points and details to the previously outlined countermeasures

  • A3 Follow-Up Section

Create a projection for your implemented countermeasures and review the outcome at a later date.

Physical Products Included:

  • A3 Quick Study guide
  • A3 Problem Solving Form


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