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Classic Kaizen Participant Workbook


Classic Kaizen Participant Workbook



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The Classic Kaizen Participant Workbook is designed to be used during the Classic Kaizen Workshop. These workbooks allow the participants to systematically follow the Facilitator through the Classic Kaizen presentation and workshop. This workbook can be personalized and retained by the participant for continued reference long after the training and workshop has concluded.

Each workbook helps participants:

  • Follow the trainer through the learning experience
  • Gauge the challenges in implementing a Kaizen mindset in their work area
  • Allow for documentation of the workshop
  • Learn through their involvement in the Kaizen process, documented in the learner’s own words in response to key questions throughout the material

Enna recommends purchasing a Kaizen Participant Workbook for each person involved in order to maximize his/her experience. The workbook is integral to the presentation and workshop as it provides insight, suggestions, and asks key questions. Also included in each workbook is a self-assessment form to solidify retention of key concepts.


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