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Classic Kaizen Workshop Facilitator Guide


Classic Kaizen Workshop Facilitator Guide


ISBN: 9781897363454
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Enna’s Classic Kaizen Workshop Facilitator Guide is designed with all company employees in mind, and for you to perform the workshop away from the shop floor. When it comes to creating a Kaizen mindset within your organization, effective communication and training are paramount. The key to sustaining continuous improvement within a Kaizen system is having the ability to train and conduct a Kaizen workshop internally. For this to take place, internal trainers require a practical and information rich guide to maximize their efforts.

The facilitator guide includes vital elements required to present the Classic Kaizen Workshop. The guide contains:

  • Complete instructions as you proceed through the workshop
  • Explanatory text specifically directed to the trainer which provides extra content and industry knowledge when necessary for each slide of the presentation
  • Sample trainer narrative which provides content to be communicated to the participants
  • Transcripts for visual segments as needed if drawing diagrams are necessary
  • Annotation notes to provide specific input to the facilitator

Included with every Classic Kaizen Workshop Facilitator guide is:

Classic Kaizen Workshop Digital Media CD (1) – Designed using Flash technology, the presentation is a cut above anything that could be designed in PowerPoint. Digital illustrations contained in the presentation are both 2D and 3D to ensure a visually communicated experience for the participants. Smooth transitions, vivid colors, and ease of use are some more of the many benefits of using Enna designed digital media CD. Don’t worry about compatibility, contained is the Flash player needed to play the presentations.

Note - For increased value purchase the Classic Kaizen Workshop Solution Package, a fully designed Kaizen Blitz program which includes the Classic Kaizen Workshop Facilitator Guide.


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Classic Kaizen Workshop Facilitator Guide

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