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Essentials of Lean Supply Chain

$229.99 $43.99


Essentials of Lean Supply Chain

$229.99 $43.99

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Essentials of Lean Supply Chain

Discover how Lean principles and techniques can help increase the capabilities of the supply chain within your organization. This course covers the basic fundamentals involved in the implementation of a Lean supply chain, a comparison between improvements in production versus improvements in logistics, how flow is properly utilized within a supply chain, how to appropriately plan and schedule to most effectively utilize supply chain resources, and how to use protocol and decision layers to prevent mistakes. This DVD consists of 10 videos with a total running time of 47:58.

Courses Included:

Course 1 – Introduction to Lean Supply Chain (5 Videos)

A truly Lean organization extends its principles beyond the shop floor. Discover how Lean principles and techniques can help increase the capabilities of your organization’s entire supply chain.

  • Video 1 – Lean Supply Chain Fundamentals
  • Video 2 – How Production Performance Affects Logistics
  • Video 3 – Flow Concepts in Lean Supply Chain
  • Video 4 – Lean Planning and Scheduling for the Supply Chain
  • Video 5 – Understanding Protocol and Decision Layers

Course 2 – Warehouse Management (5 Videos)

Manage and understand your warehouse better by implementing the improvements made throughout this course. Warehouses are often thought of as a necessary evil, but this course will teach you strategies for using them effectively.

  • Video 1 – Transportation in a Production Facility
  • Video 2 – Lean Warehousing Strategies
  • Video 3 – Lean Warehousing Devices
  • Video 4 – Six Ways to Improve Warehouse Visibility
  • Video 5 – Consolidation Centers in Lean Supply Chains

Number of Videos – 10

Running length – 47:58


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