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Hoshin Kanri – Policy Deployment Video Course

$229.99 $69.99


Hoshin Kanri – Policy Deployment Video Course

$229.99 $69.99


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Hoshin Kanri – Policy Deployment

Outline the best direction for your organization and learn how to guide your efforts toward this goal through the use of Hoshin Kanri, or Policy Deployment. A properly aligned organization will reap great benefits & create cohesive, hard working teams. This DVD provides useful approaches and a thorough explanation of Hoshin Kanri. We have organized the video training into three major sections. This DVD consists of 15 videos with a total running time of 45:36.

Courses Included

Course 1 – Introduction to Hoshin Kanri (2 Videos)

The first section introduces the concepts of Hoshin Kanri, highlighting how it can improve your organization and providing the foundational uses and benefits of Hoshin Kanri.

  • Video 1 – What is Hoshin Kanri
  • Video 2 – Overview of the Hoshin Kanri Process

Course 2 – Tools and Techniques of Hoshin Kanri (7 Videos)

The next section provides insight into the application of the tools and techniques of Hoshin Kanri. These tools and techniques will help you create better teams and track the completion of your Hoshin Plan.

  • Video 1 – PDCA in Hoshin Kanri
  • Video 2 – Chartering Hoshin Kanri Teams
  • Video 3 – The X-Matrix
  • Video 4 – Catchball
  • Video 5 – A3 in Hoshin Kanri
  • Video 6 – The Porter Matrix
  • Video 7 – SWOT Analysis

Course 3 – Implementing Hoshin Kanri in Six Steps (6 Videos)

The third and final section builds on the prior knowledge and provides a six-step method for implementing Hoshin Kanri to provide a more holistic and complete understanding to achieve success. Focusing on how to Plan, Develop, Implement, and Assess a Hoshin Plan for your organization allows you to achieve alignment, cohesiveness, and a forward focused organization.

  • Video 1 – Step 1: Establishing a Vision and Mission
  • Video 2 – Step 2: Long Term Strategy
  • Video 3 – Step 3: Developing Annual Objectives
  • Video 4 – Step 4: Deployment
  • Video 5 – Step 5: Implementation
  • Video 6 – Step 6: Hoshin Kanri Review

Number of Videos – 15

Running length – 45:36


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