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How To Do Kaizen – A New Path To Innovation


How To Do Kaizen – A New Path To Innovation



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How To Do Kaizen – A New Path To Innovation

By Bunji Tozawa & Norman Bodek

Put simply, a manager’s job is to lead change, to help discover, innovate, and create new ideas to make their organizations more successful.

Problems make life interesting. Solving them is as equally important as recognizing them. Too often the worker recognizes the problems but has to live with the frustration of not being empowered to solve them.

In this book is everything we know about Kaizen, an amazing system designed to empower all employees to make their work easier and more interesting, and to become personally responsible for building their own skills and capabilities. We want people to be excited when they get up to go to work. We want to help all managers to know how to lead this process.

Kaizen is a Japanese word meaning change or continuous improvement.

Dan O’Malley, VP at Gulfstream, walks opn his plant floor every Wednesday and asks five to ten of his associates to show him and his leadership team one of their creative ideas. The result: over 40 implemented ideas per employee per year (over 40,000 in 2009,) millions of dollars in cost savings, higher quality and safety and turnover virtually gone.

We do hope that every organization will start or expand their Kaizen system.

‘I love this book and can’t wait for it to come out. Norman brought Lean to America and continues to bring golden ideas to America through his contacts in Japan. This is truly a breakthrough idea!
Steven Hatch, Lean Specialist

‘This is a timely book on a topic of great importance in these difficult times. The concepts in it will not only help you survive the recession, but emerge from it stronger. If you implement a high-performing idea system like those described in the book, it will raise your organization’s performance to a new level, one that would have been impossible to reach before.”

‘I have always admired both of the authors of this book because they have always been just enough ahead of their time to be agents of significant positive change.’ Alan G. Robinson, Professor,
University of Massachusetts and co-author of Ideas Are Free

  • ISBN: 978-0971243675
  • Page Count: 425


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How To Do Kaizen

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