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Introduction to Lean Video Course


Introduction to Lean Video Course



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Introduction to Lean

Lean, deriving its origins from the Toyota Production System, is a set of tools, methodologies, and principles that help guide organizations to a high level of productivity and efficiency. This DVD introduces the fundamentals of Lean, including its origins, some of the first tools and principles to begin with, and why Lean is so vital to organizational improvement. This DVD consists of 9 videos with a total running time of 46:27.

Courses included:

Course 1 – Lean Fundamentals (5 Videos)

The first chapter delves into the concepts that are fundamental to implementing Lean, providing examples of how the tools and methods positively affect entire operations.

  • Video 1 – Overview of Lean Basics
  • Video 2 – The Basics of Lean Manufacturing
  • Video 3 – The Negative Effects of Poor Processes
  • Video 4 – Flow and the Effect of Push Systems
  • Video 5 – The 7 Wastes of Lean

Course 2 – History of Lean (1 Videos)

The second chapter shows how the origins of Lean Manufacturing are addressed, providing greater insight into the thought behind each of the tools and methods of Lean.

  • Video 1 – Origins of Lean Manufacturing

Course 3 – Why Lean? (3 Videos)

The DVD then concludes with the principles and reason behind why Lean is so effective, as well as outlining some organizations who are succeeding, and thriving, with Lean.

  • Video 1 – Lean Production vs Mass Production
  • Video 2 – Principles of Lean Methodology
  • Video 3 – Businesses Using the Lean Concept

Number of Videos – 9

Running length – 46:27


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Introduction To Lean Video

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