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Kanban Step-by-Step Video Course

$229.99 $57.99


Kanban Step-by-Step Video Course

$229.99 $57.99


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Kanban Step-by-Step

One of the more advanced concepts in Lean and Kaizen is the implementation of Kanban. Kanban Systems utilize Supermarkets to store a minimal amount of Work-in-Process to level load and enable flexible manufacturing. This DVD provides a detailed explanation of all the essential elements of Kanban inventory management. This DVD consists of 15 videos with a total running time of 62:50.

Courses included:

Course 1 – Introduction to Kanban (4 Videos)

The first chapter introduces the foundational elements for Kanban, Kanban control points, tools of Kanban Boards, Supermarkets, and the 6 rules that govern all aspects of Kanban Management.

  • Video 1 – Defining Kanban
  • Video 2 – Supermarkets
  • Video 3 – Kanban Examples and the Kanban Board
  • Video 4 – The Six Rules of Kanban

Course 2 – Understanding the Different Types of Kanban (4 Videos)

The next chapter provides a full understanding of the three types of Kanban; Withdrawal, Production, and Suppler Kanban. And provides examples and illustrations so you know how to combine and apply the different Kanban types given specific situations to achieve the greatest results.

  • Video 1 – Three Types of Kanban
  • Video 2 – Scenario 1: Your First Kanban and Supermarkets
  • Video 3 – Scenario 2: Combining Supermarkets
  • Video 4 – Scenario 3: Direct Process-to-Process Kanban

Course 3 – Implementing Kanban Step-by-Step (5 Videos)

The third chapter provides more context into the use of Kanban with real examples and step-by-step guide to implementation throughout your entire value stream.

Hitting each point presented will prepare you for implementing Kanban.

  • Video 1 – Choosing a Target Process
  • Video 2 – Designing Your Kanban
  • Video 3 – Training for Kanban
  • Video 4 – Starting and Auditing Your Kanban System
  • Video 5 – Improving Your Kanban

Course 4 – Advanced Kanban (2 Videos)

The fourth and final chapter focuses on real world problems that organizations have faced when implementing a Kanban System and how you can avoid the same issues in your organization.

  • Video 1 – Avoiding Kanban Pitfalls
  • Video 2 – Integrating Suppliers into Your Kanban System

Number of Videos – 15

Running length – 62:50


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