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Lean Layout



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Lean Layout

In order to achieve the ideal flow within your facility, you will need to utilize the tools of Lean Layout. It is amazing the benefits that can be realized simply by re-arranging the flow of operations and removing wasteful practices! This DVD is broken into two chapters, providing you with the foundational structure to understand Lean Layout concepts, and how they can benefit your workplace. This DVD consists of 8 videos with a total running time of 29:23.

Courses included:

Course 1 – Introduction to Lean Layout (4 Videos)

The first chapter provides not only and introduction the concept of Lean Layout, but drills down into the fundamental principles of Lean Layout, how to achieve a Just-in-Time facility, and the importance of gaining support from everyone in the workplace.

  • Video 1 – Introduction to Lean Layout
  • Video 2 – 3 Lean Layout Fundamentals
  • Video 3 – Just-in-Time
  • Video 4 – Get Everybody Involved

Course 2 – Designing Equipment Layout (4 Videos)

The second chapter provides a broader perspective on adjusting storage locations, sequencing processes, and the importance of having mobile equipment for flexible layout designs.

  • Video 1 – Equipment Layout Through Process Sequence
  • Video 2 – Minimize Machine Spacing
  • Video 3 – Minimize Storage Space
  • Video 4 – Flexible Equipment Layout

Number of Videos – 8

Running length – 29:23


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