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Advanced Office Kaizen Video Course

$229.99 $59.99


Advanced Office Kaizen Video Course

$229.99 $59.99


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Lean Office – Advanced Office Kaizen

Advancing the concepts of Lean and Kaizen in the office, this DVD provides you with the tools, measurements, and understanding to begin implementing a world-class initiative in your organization. From a greater understanding of how Pull Systems can be implemented, to managing maintenance on your computes, these tools will help you to succeed in your Lean implementation. This DVD consists of 9 videos with a total running time of 52:59.

Courses included:

Course 1 – A Just-in-Time Office (4 Videos)

This DVD begins with an overview of the fundamental aspects of a Just-in-Time office, including Takt Time, Flow, and Pull.

  • Video 1 – Takt Time in the Modern Office
  • Video 2 – Information Flow Through the Office
  • Video 3 – Managing Pull in the Office
  • Video 4 – A Modern Lean Office Layout

Course 2 – Lean Computers (5 Videos)

These concepts are explained in relation to the layout of the office, as well as how wastes can be eliminated to increase capacity and streamline the flow of information.

  • Video 1 – Lean Project Management
  • Video 2 – Data Accumulation and Backup
  • Video 3 – 5S for Computers
  • Video 4 – TPM with Computers
  • Video 5 – Integrating Nonphysical and Physical Assets

Number of Videos – 9

Running length – 52:59


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Advanced Office Kaizen

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