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Organizing for Work, by Gantt


Organizing for Work, by Gantt


ISBN: 9781897363805
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When approached from the Lean perspective, Henry Laurence Gantt’s Organizing for Work provides a window into the American origins of the 2nd Pillar of Lean – Respect For People. Henry Gantt, the creator of Gantt charts, galvanized the human aspect of efficiency with razor sharp clarity. Production improvements go astray because we have “ignored the human factor and failed to take advantage of the ability and desire of the ordinary man to learn and improve his position.”

Enna has revisited this classic text and designed it around the modern Lean manager. With our easy to read, exclusive reproductions of the original Gantt charts, you will see that project management is only a small part of their practicality. Gantt charts provide vital information for managing employees, machines, production and improvement initiatives. Organizing for Work is a classic management guide that has withstood the tests of time and technology.

  • ISBN:978-1897363805
  • Pages: 120


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