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Quick Changeover Training Package


Quick Changeover Training Package


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Why SMED?:

Quick Changeover of machinery throughout the various processes in your business is key to enabling you organization’s adaptability to constantly changing environments. By implementing a Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) Program you will start your organization on the path to flexibility and increased value-added time.

Enna’s SMED Quick Changeover Training Package provides all the information, materials, and techniques needed to effectively lead your own SMED Program. Enna knows that for your Quick Changeover Program to be effective it has to be successful over time. Therefore, our package is structured around a full five-day training schedule, and provides the materials needed to facilitate and implement SMED principles to ensure you will have the structure to make sustainable setup reduction a reality.




In today’s business environment there is an increasing need to become more agile to accommodate the unique needs of your customers. One of the best tools to increase flexibility and agility is the use of Single Minute Exchange of Die (SMED) methodology. SMED reduces setup times of machinery so that you will be able to accommodate shorter lead-times and higher variety of products while increasing profit margins.

Improve Equipment Utilization

Typically when your equipment or production line is down, 100% of all activity is non-value added. That is a lot of waste! Reducing the time between the last good product of a run to the first good product of a new run is imperative to increasing the utilization of your equipment. SMED methodology, implemented using the SMED Quick Changeover Solution Package, helps you directly reduce wasteful downtime by designing external setups, simplifying internal setups, and eliminating non-essential operations.

Responsiveness – Increase Flexibility

SMED is not a program to eliminate set-ups by people, but a process to reduce lot sizes and improve your product mix capabilities. The simple task of increasing your flexibility can hold large benefit to your organization; not the least of which is a decrease in waste of both inventory and time and a greater adaptability throughout the entirety of your production line. Your newfound ability to respond to your customers’ diverse demands for products could be the competitive advantage you’ve been missing.

Reduce Inventory

Excess inventory, no matter its state, adds costs your organization and reduces your profitability. For each stage of the process (raw materials, work in process, and final goods), determining the balance between what is necessary and what is too much is not an exact science. Using the Quick Changeover Implementation package, you can reduce your setup times in order to quickly respond to lowered inventory levels. Achieving quick changeovers supports your customer demands while reducing the quantity of inventory you hold on to.

Defect Reduction

Changing between product runs does not have to mean the first few products of the new run are defects. A key cause of variation in quality lies within the variation of machine settings and adjustments; Quality improves when adjustments are eliminated. Reduce the need for constant setting adjustments between changeovers and different operators by utilizing Quick Changeover training. Training allows the participants to go beyond simply improving set up times to reduce defects produced.

You’ve read a few books, taken some classes, and you know what the Lean principles are but where do you start? Learn how to put your knowledge into practice using Enna’s Training Packages.

Create Your Internal Experts

Train your workforce to be active and engaging Lean Experts who take ownership of their workplace and drive lasting sustainable change throughout the organization. These people have creative time and cost saving ideas; if only they were given the support to implement them. We have designed our materials for these up and coming experts; providing the supportive materials for both the first time facilitator and seasoned trainer.

Interactive/Physical Materials
Reach all Learning Types

Have you ever sat through a training video and not remembered any of the key points made? Why is it that in seminars/classes you don’t tend to retain concepts as well? It is passive learning. People retain key concepts better the more senses that they use – when they see, hear, feel, and do. Our training and implementation packages are designed to be dynamic for the participant, not a passive time filler.

Generate Results

Our training packages integrate shop floor activities so that participants have the opportunity to immediately apply the concepts, methodologies, and tools to their workplace. You will generate results to realize immediate benefits for your customers, employees, and entire organization.

Granular – Customize to your company’s schedule

Enna’s training packages are designed to fit your scheduling constraints. Whether you train in small increments over several days or dedicate an entire week to implement, each training package is broken down logically into training portions and implementation sections.

Bang for Your Buck

Train your staff with the most comprehensive, ongoing programs that will pay for themselves in the shortest amount of time. The core training materials are reusable and the participant workbooks and forms are easily replenished for countless training sessions. Unlike videos which are often dry and can quickly become outdated, the material in our Training Packages stay relevant.

Sustaining Your Program

You trained your employees and implemented Lean tools last year and you’re wondering why it’s not being sustained. Do your existing employees have forms and the knowledge of how to use them daily? Do they have a simple way to train new hires in the principles of Lean and how they are practiced within your organization?

An important aspect of a sustainable Lean program is the integration of regular training and daily implementation. Our products are an effective way to both train new employees and provide your existing employees with a solid base to continually learn from.

Team Based

Encourage team building within your organization through group training and implementation with the training package that fits your needs. When people brainstorm together to search out solutions, they will come up with many different and creative ideas. This combined effort will enable them to implement the best actions and assign ongoing improvement tasks to the people involved. When everyone in a team knows that he/she has a part in the process and the end result, they will take more ownership in the improvement process.

Components of our Training Packages

Facilitator Guide – Provides the facilitator with notes on presenting to the participants, background information to read before presenting that explains each slide and all the information presented, and holds the answer key to the assessment at the end of the training.

Participant Workbook – It is important for each participant to have their own workbook, as it provides each slide in the presentation with ample room for taking notes.

Preparation Guide – This accompanies each Training Package and outlines necessary materials, a timetable for each day including breaks and an approximation of how long each section should take to present and discuss, and provides a general list of activities and items that should be prepared for the workshop.

Forms – During the workshop phase of our Training Packages we provide the necessary forms to analyze and assess your operations.

Posters – The posters provided with each Training Package are a high impact, visual reminder of the concepts and tools covered during training. Use them in the training room and around the work area to reinforce the tools, methods, and concepts learned.

Tags – Are used to identify and select items of importance and vary depending on the subject matter and training package. These are used during the workshop portion of training.


* SMED Quick Changeover Facilitator Guide (1)
A comprehensive, easy to use facilitator guide for training employees and guiding the group through the entire Quick Changeover Workshop event.

* SMED Quick Changeover Preparation Guide (1)
The guide contains a systematic approach to preparing and executing successful SMED Quick Changeover workshops and is included with the purchase of a solution package. It helps the Facilitator (trainer) prepare for the event, is a reference manual for timing, scheduling, and the overall process of the workshop.

* SMED Quick Changeover Facilitator Digital Media CD (1)
The Digital Media CD is the focal point for training as it links the facilitator guide with the participant workbook by displaying in sequence the presentation information for the workshop. Designed using Flash technology, the presentation is a cut above anything designed in PowerPoint. It is the latest technology in presentation format, using dynamic formatting, user functionality and projection of image and content.

* SMED Quick Changeover Participant Workbook (8)
Designed with the participants in mind, this workbook is used during the SMED Quick Changeover workshop and retained for reference. The workbook combines information, illustrations, key questions and space for note-taking. It includes a self-assessment form for participants to test their understanding of principles communicated during the workshop.

* Motion Diagram Form (1)
An 11 x 14 pad of forms used to model motion during machine setup or changeover of model type. A great visual tool for demonstrating amount of travel.

* Changeover Observation Form (1)
An 11 x 14 pad of forms used to record and identify each step of the setup, including internal and external times, as well as observations during the workshop.

* Setup Combination Worksheet (1)
An 11 x 14 pad of forms for benchmarking and developing the new changeover standard. This form lists the steps and graphs the setup to visually show the new standard setup.

* 7 Wastes Observation Form (1)
A pad of template forms; the form is used as an analysis tool for assessing opportunities for elimination of wastes in each department.

* 5S Red Tag Register (1)
An 11 x 14 pad of forms; this form tracks and logs each 5S Red Tagged item, its classification, and the course of action to be taken regarding the Red Tagged item. It provides a focal point of control and reference for tracking movement of materials and equipment.

* 5S Red Tags (50)
Red Tags are used to keep the process of change going throughout the 5S workshop while remaining organized in the process.

* 5S Poster (1)
A full color visual aid to be used during training and posted in work areas as a reference to the 5S Principles.

* Commandments for Continuous Improvement Poster (1)
A full color poster to support your Lean Manufacturing Workshop. It encompasses the fundamental philosophy behind Lean Thinking while reminding participants how to problem solve as a team.

* 7 Wastes of Operations Poster (1)
A full color visual aid to be used during 5S training and posted in work areas to remind staff to continuously eliminate waste.

* 8 Rules for Quick Changeover Poster (1)
A full color poster derived from Shigeo Shingo and Hiroyuki Hirano’s commitment to SMED and JIT. This poster summarizes the principles of a Quick Changeover in a large colorful format and can be placed in the training room or a specific department within your organization.

* Workshop Feedback Form (1)
Enna’s Workshop Feedback Form is designed for practical input and to fulfill two main objectives: assess and feedback. This pad / form consists of 25 – 8.5×11 sheets of paper with a cardboard backing.


1. Lean Strategy to Increase Agility

  • Introduction to the Workshop
  • The History of Quick Changeover – SMED
  • The 7 Wastes of Operations
  • The Role of Quick Changeover in Total Improvement
  • The 5S’s and Quick Changeover

2. Quick Change Over Methodology

  • The Components of Analyzing SMED
  • Changeover Activities – Internal Tasks
  • Changeover Activities – External Tasks
  • Internal Changeover Solutions
  • External Changeover Solutions

3. Workshop Structure and Activities

  • The Steps of the SMED Workshop
  • The Analysis Process and Use of Forms
  • Teams for the Workshop
  • Procedure Review

4. SMED Worksheets and Assessment Form

  • The SMED Workshop Forms
  • The SMED Self-Assessment Sheet


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SMED Quick Changeover Solution Package

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