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Quick & Easy Kaizen Training Package


Quick & Easy Kaizen Training Package


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Quick & Easy Kaizen is the most effective and powerful way to implement a practical and sustainable employee-led improvement system by encompassing the often-ignored, human (employee) side of Lean manufacturing. Enna’s Quick & Easy Kaizen is authored by Norman Bodek and made popular by his award winning Shingo Prize book, Quick & Easy Kaizen: The Idea Generator. This training package recognizes that the employee performing the work is the expert concerning his/her job function and should be given the power to make changes to his/her work environment. Quick & Easy Kaizen trains employees to be responsible for improvements on a daily basis.

The experience of the Godfather of Lean manufacturing, Norman Bodek, is now available in a training package.

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One Program – Multiple Benefits

Are you looking for a permanent change in methods? Implementing Quick and Easy Kaizen is a proven method for receiving a continuous flow of improvement ideas from employees. These improvement ideas can improve quality, safety, throughput, and customer service. When locally implemented, these improvements can account for millions of dollars in savings to your organization.

Empower Your Employees

You are selling yourself short if you are not utilizing your own company employees to the best of their abilities. Empower your staff to create positive changes to their workplace, allowing for easier, more streamlined workflow. This opportunity to stretch their imagination and use their knowledge to make improvements will encourage them to be engaged with their work and fellow workers and increase their ownership of their workplace, resulting in higher satisfaction.

Every organization benefits from an energized and willing workforce.

Document Improvements

Do you keep track of the improvements within your organization, both big and small? Do you properly recognize those employees who actively identify areas for improvement? In order to recognize outstanding performance and reduce redundancies and duplication of efforts, proper documentation is a necessity. It is also an important tool to keep track of which employees are providing what quantities of improvement ideas, providing management with key performance indicators. The Quick and Easy Kaizen solution package outlines a simple and effective method you can use for the documentation of Kaizen improvements.

The Simplicity is in the Process

Quick and Easy Kaizen empowers employees, enriches the work experience, and brings out the best in every employee. As Norman Bodek would exclaim, Quick and Easy Kaizen releases their creative energy. This is a key training package you will need to develop a world-class improvement culture.

Quick and Easy Kaizen Structure:

  1. Employee identifies a problem and formally documents it.
  2. Employee develops improvement to correct the problem; immediately makes the appropriate change if able or, as with large ideas, goes to supervisor for approval and help.
  3. In the case of large ideas, supervisor reviews the idea. Upon approval, employee implements the idea.
  4. The initial problem, idea, and before and after photos are entered into a database. Enna’s Idea Generator Software is specially designed for use with Quick and Easy Kaizen; it is available at
  5. Supervisor posts ideas on a display board so that others in the company can learn and the employee who came up with the idea is recognized.

You’ve read a few books, taken some classes, and you know what the Lean principles are but where do you start? Learn how to put your knowledge into practice using Enna’s Training Packages.

Create Your Internal Experts

Train your workforce to be active and engaging Lean Experts who take ownership of their workplace and drive lasting sustainable change throughout the organization. These people have creative time and cost saving ideas; if only they were given the support to implement them. We have designed our materials for these up and coming experts; providing the supportive materials for both the first time facilitator and seasoned trainer.

Components of our Training Packages

Facilitator Guide – Provides the facilitator with notes on presenting to the participants, background information to read before presenting that explains each slide and all the information presented, and holds the answer key to the assessment at the end of the training.

Participant Workbook – It is important for each participant to have their own workbook, as it provides each slide in the presentation with ample room for taking notes.

Preparation Guide – This accompanies each Training Package and outlines necessary materials, a timetable for each day including breaks and an approximation of how long each section should take to present and discuss, and provides a general list of activities and items that should be prepared for the workshop.

Forms – During the workshop phase of our Training Packages we provide the necessary forms to analyze and assess your operations.

Posters – The posters provided with each Training Package are a high impact, visual reminder of the concepts and tools covered during training. Use them in the training room and around the work area to reinforce the tools, methods, and concepts learned.

Tags – Are used to identify and select items of importance and vary depending on the subject matter and training package. These are used during the workshop portion of training.


* Quick and Easy Kaizen Facilitator Guide (1)
A comprehensive, easy to use facilitator guide for training employees and guiding the group through Quick and Easy Kaizen.

* Quick and Easy Kaizen Preparation Guide (1)
The guide contains a systematic approach to preparing and executing successful Quick and Easy Kaizen workshops and is included with the purchase of a solution package. It helps the Facilitator (trainer) prepare for the event, is a reference manual for timing, scheduling, and the overall process of the workshop.

* Quick and Easy Kaizen Facilitator Digital Media CD (1)
The Digital Media CD is the focal point for training as it links the facilitator guide with the participant workbook by displaying in sequence the presentation information for the workshop. Designed using Flash technology, the presentation is a cut above anything designed in PowerPoint. It is the latest technology in presentation format, using dynamic formatting, user functionality and projection of image and content.

* Quick and Easy Kaizen Participant Workbook (8)
Designed with the participants in mind, this workbook is used during the Quick and Easy Kaizen workshop and retained for reference. The workbook combines information, illustrations, key questions and space for note-taking. It includes a self-assessment form for participants to test their understanding of principles communicated during the workshop.

* Quick and Easy Kaizen Form (200)
These 8½ x 11 two-part NCR forms are used by employees to record ideas for Quick and Easy Kaizen. These forms are central to the documentation of ideas.

* Kaizen Poster (2)
A full color visual aid to be used during training and posted in work areas as a reference to Kaizen principles.

* 8 Wastes of Lean Poster (2)
A full color visual aid to be used during Quick and Easy Kaizen training and posted in work areas to remind staff of the need to continually reduce the Eight Wastes of Lean.



  • Training Schedule
  • Goals and Objectives
  • History of Lean and Quick & Easy Kaizen

1. Overview of the Quick and Easy Kaizen Process

  • Overview of Creativity
  • Defining Kaizen
    • Methods
    • Small Ideas
    • Resistance
  • A Simple and Effective Process of Change

2. Eight Wastes of Lean

  • The Eight Wastes of Lean
  • Examples of Quick and Easy Kaizen
  • Quick & Easy Kaizen Opportunities in Our Company

3. Quick and Easy Kaizen Process

  • Define the Quick and Easy Kaizen Process
  • Write Up Two Problems, Two Solutions, and Their Effects
  • Share Ideas With the Group

4. Managing the Creative Process

  • Formalities of Quick and Easy Kaizen
  • Suggested Structure and Organization of the Creative Process
  • Management and Employee Responsibilities
  • A Challenge to Create a Climate of Continuous Improvement


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