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Quick & Easy Kaizen Video DVD


Quick & Easy Kaizen Video DVD


ISBN: 9781897363393
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Published by Enna Inc, this video features Norman Bodek at the AME conference revealing how each employee in a Lean company can support change. Bodek presents an overview of the Quick and Easy Kaizen system and provides examples from his experience. By communicating the concepts of Kaizen from the perspective of change, Bodek connects with the audience and provides the credibility necessary to direct kaizen internally. Use the Quick and Easy Kaizen video to set an atmosphere of change in your organization. Your audience will learn the basics of Quick and Easy Kaizen. including how it can serve as a driving force of change in your organization.

Quick and Easy Kaizen Presentation DVD provides:

  • A powerful perspective of each employees’ role in kaizen (Continuous Improvement)
  • Ways to save your company millions of dollars
  • The two pillars of the Toyota Production System
  • The missing ingredient in a successful Lean transformation
  • How to positively change their work area
  • How to use the Quick and Easy Kaizen Solution Package and implement today

Norman Bodek is the former president of Productivity Press, and the current president of PCS Press Inc. He has personally published hundreds of books on Lean manufacturing; his most recent work is JIT is Flow.


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Quick and Easy Kaizen Video - Norman Bodek

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