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Red Tagging Set


Red Tagging Set


ISBN: 9781926537832
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Enna’s Red Tagging Set will help you jump start your 5S implementation by providing the guidance and tools necessary to begin your removal of items and Sorting. Train your staff to develop an eye for evaluating items in their workplace, determine what is necessary and what isn’t, and prepare for the next phase of 5S, Setting in Order.

This combination of short, explanatory videos, plus actionable items using the Red Tags and Red Tag Register, enables you to quickly begin your 5S efforts and keep the momentum going!

Video Set Includes:

  • How to Evaluate
    Learn the steps to take for evaluating your workplace for 5S implementation. This video will help you get started with ideas, direction, and a breakdown of criteria to begin your 5S journey.
  • How to Red Tag
    Red Tagging is an important initial step to achieving greater 5S results in your workplace. Learn tips, steps to take, and resources to use, in order to Red Tag your target area.

Physical Products Included:

  • Set of 100 Red Tags
  • Red Tag Register


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Red Tagging Set with uttana Videos

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