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The Idea Generator – Quick & Easy Kaizen


The Idea Generator – Quick & Easy Kaizen



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The book discusses the Kaizen mindset that enables a company to utilize its resources to the fullest by directly involving all of its manpower in the enhancement and improvement of the productivity of its operations. These results are not only increased in quality and efficiency, but in heightened employee morale and in markedly improved customer service as well.

Quick and Easy Kaizen is a system that encourages employees to come up with small ideas and to implement these ideas. The system recognizes the creative potential of each employee and actively involves each in the improvement process of the company. The small changes add up to a shift in company culture that is centered on continuous improvement and kaizen transforms from a concept into a reality.

Norman Bodek, dubbed the ‘Godfather of Lean’, observed Kaizen Teian as it was practiced in companies like Toyota and Canon. The practice resulted in both companies receiving 60 to 70 improvement ideas from each employee per year.

Enna offers the Quick & Easy Kaizen Solution Package, which is a full implementation and training package for companies looking to implement the techniques revealed in this book.

  • ISBN: 978-0971243699
  • Pages: 375


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