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The Principles of Scientific Management, by Frederick Taylor


The Principles of Scientific Management, by Frederick Taylor


ISBN: 9781897363898
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Ideas shape the course of history.
– John Maynard Keynes

Read the American classic that inspired Shigeo Shingo! Frederick W. Taylor’s The Principles of Scientific Managementwas a mental revolution that spawned the very ideas of process improvement, equity and efficiency between workers and management, and the attainability of high production with low labor costs. Taylor discusses eliminating waste by using the system he developed over the course of his career and how it applies to individual, as well as collective, improvement initiatives. As the basis of modern organizational efficiency, this instrumental book has motivated managers and engineers for almost 100 years.

With the republication of this seminal text, Enna hopes to continue that motivation by giving modern readers perspective on the difficulties encountered when challenging the status quo and insight into solutions that work.

  • ISBN: 978-1897363898
  • Pages: 120


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The Principles Of Scientific Management

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