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The Toyota Mindset, The Ten Commandments of Taiichi Ohno


The Toyota Mindset, The Ten Commandments of Taiichi Ohno



ISBN: 9781926537115
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From the brilliant mind of a legend in the Lean Manufacturing world comes the reasoning behind the importance of using your intellect, challenging your workers and why continuous improvement is not only a helpful tool but a necessity on the shop floor. Mr. Wakamatsu recounts captivating, first hand experiences with the man who changed the way the world looks at manufacturing.

“If they do it with three people, we will do it with one!”
Taiichi Ohno

For anyone wishing to gain insight into how the Toyota Production System came to be or who wishes to know more about the founders of the TPS, this book is for you. Through personal accounts and inspirational quotes, the story of Taiichi Ohno and the Toyota Production System is recounted in a manner that will give any reader a solid foundation in the Lean world.

If you have ever read a TPS book and wondered just how the founders came to the conclusions they did, what brought about their way of thinking, or how they solved a difficult problem, then this book is a must have. Inspiring, insightful and easy to follow, this book is a stepping stone to a greater, more productive state of being.

About the Author:

Mr. Wakamatsu was born in 1937 in Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. After joining Toyota Motor Corp, he devoted his life to testing, implementing and continuously improving the TPS under the direct guidance of Taiichi Ohno. Since 1984, he has helped agricultural machinery manufacturing companies and housing construction companies to adapt the Toyota Production System. In 1991, he became an advisor for Daewoo Motor Corporation of Korea. Since 1992, he has served as the president of Culman Co. Limited of Japan.

  • ISBN: 978-1926537115
  • Page Count: 200


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The Toyota Mindset

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