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Tool Kit Foam


Tool Kit Foam


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Foam for Tool Kits

Tool kit foam is perfect for the visual management of tools and small items around the work area. Create your own tool management system using these foam sheets. This shadow board foam is fully customizable to the items at your work station and can fit easily in a drawer, tool box, or on the wall. It makes keeping track of tools and keeping them in their proper spots effortless. Simply trace and cut the shapes of the tools on the top piece of foam and use a heat gun to adhere it to the bottom piece. Use this kaizen foam or lean foam anywhere you need organization and management of items.


  • Size: 27″ by 36″ inches
  • High strength and durability
  • Highest quality in the industry
  • 4 pcf (per cubic foot density)
  • Cross linked polyethylene design
  • Closed cellular designed foam, ensuring a lack of contamination
  • Corrosion, contamination, and wear resistant
  • 1/2″ inch available in blue and black
  • 1/4″ inch available in yellow and red
  • Color combinations available: yellow/blue, yellow/black, red/blue, and red/black

Create a custom holder for your tool kits or drawers. Use two colors to create 5S shadow board visual management.

Create A Foam Shadowboard For Your Tools in 3 Easy Steps

Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Outline the Tools

Cut the foam

Laminate the sheets together

To begin, measure the drawer or space where your tool foam will go, and outline the tools for that space on the thicker foam sheet. For the outlining process, we recommend you use a Cross brand pen refill (not the entire pen). For visibility, black ink shows best on blue foam, and you can use a silver Sharpie marker to mark on black foam.

Cut your foam. An Xacto knife or scalpel blade makes an excellent foam cutter, and inexpensive varieties may be found on the Internet or at medical supply and art stores. Many of our customers use a dremel tool or hand-held router. With one of these tools, cut the tool outlines as you have traced them from the thicker, top foam sheet. Please be careful.

Place the finished cut sheet upside down with the thinner foam sheet on top. Use a heat gun, laminate (fuse) the sheets together by rolling and pressing the thin sheet to the thick sheet.

In just three steps, create a full organization foam tool system to manage your tools!

Tool Kit Foam is a valuable tool for the Straighten/Set-in-Order phase of 5S. To learn more, please watch the video below from

How to Set-in-Order


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