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TPM Inspection Cards Set


TPM Inspection Cards Set


ISBN: 9781138079731
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These TPM Inspection Cards are attached to a machine in accordance with their respective areas on the TPM Inspection Form. These tags are essential for visually representing the sequence of checks on the machine, who is responsible for them, and the frequency of the checks. These cards will really bring your TPM system together in a professional manner?.

Includes 30 Daily, 15 Weekly, 15 Monthly, and 15 Yearly.

  • Full color front and back 
  • Color coded for its respective check frequency 
  • Specific symbols to ensure no mistakes in checking 
  • Blank area to initial numerical checking sequence 
  • Each tags is drilled to allow you to attach them to machinery 
  • They are labeled as daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly 
  • Dimensions: 3 inches by 4 inches


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