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Introduction to TPM Video Course

$229.99 $64.99


Introduction to TPM Video Course

$229.99 $64.99


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Introduction to TPM

Total Productive Maintenance is an essential methodology to developing an organization where there is no loss of time, materials, or equipment because of breakage and shutdowns. However, the benefits of a TPM program far exceed simple machine up-time. More engaged workers, a system of accountability, and a more flexible, multi-skilled workforce are all benefits to a well rounded TPM program. This TPM video course is broken into two chapters and covers an overview of TPM, as well as what you should expect out of development and implementation of your own program. This DVD consists of 12 videos with a total running time of 41:06.

Courses Included:

Course 1 – Introduction to Total Productive Maintenance (7 Videos)

The first chapter introduces the history of Total Productive Maintenance, as well as the tools and wastes that will be encountered when beginning TPM implementation.

  • Video 1 – Introduction to Total Productive Maintenance
  • Video 2 – History of Total Productive Maintenance
  • Video 3 – Losses
  • Video 4 – Abnormalities
  • Video 5 – Inputs and Outputs
  • Video 6 – TPM Activities
  • Video 7 – The Zero-Oriented Concept

Course 2 – TPM and Autonomous Maintenance (5 Videos)

The next chapter delves deeper into Autonomous Maintenance, effective ways to educate people on the implementation of TPM, and the different roles and responsibilities of an effective TPM team.

  • Video 1 – Introduction to Autonomous Maintenance
  • Video 2 – Roles and Responsibilities
  • Video 3 – Education in Autonomous Maintenance
  • Video 4 – Standard Work in Autonomous Maintenance
  • Video 5 – Implementing Autonomous Maintenance in 7 Steps

Number of Videos – 12

Running length – 41:06


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