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Training Within Industry: Problem Solving


Training Within Industry: Problem Solving


ISBN: 9781926537009
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Training Within Industry: Problem Solving

Training Within Industry is the structural genesis of Lean Manufacturing and the heart of kaizen, the practice of small continuous improvements. From the Toyota Production System to the standardization of training retail sales clerks, Training Within Industry proves that true innovation is timeless. The training material contained in this 8 1/2 x 11″, 118 page Training Within Industry book is as applicable today as it was when it was first written down, decades ago.

The Problem Solving Training Program coaches on how to properly isolate, break down, question, and solve problems, while giving insight to the responsibilities of supervisors in general. It is just as important for a person to be able to identify a possible problem as it is to solve the problem. Through the use of this book you will learn:

  • How to spot a problem
  • The duties and responsibilities of supervisors
  • Ways to isolate and breakdown a problem
  • How to more effectively come up with solutions

By teaching the skills needed not only to solve problems, but to properly identify them, T.W.I.’s Problem Solving Training book strives to create a more dynamic, dependable and self-reliant work force. The guidance written out along with the charts and breakdown sheets to supplement visual learning, and the sample problems faced, make this book an interesting and thought provoking learning tool.

  • ISBN: 978-1926537009
  • Page Count: 116


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