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True Kaizen – Management’s Role in Improving Work Climate and Culture


True Kaizen – Management’s Role in Improving Work Climate and Culture


ISBN: 9781138745421
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True Kaizen requires more than tools and techniques. This book offers the missing pieces of Kaizen culture.

In the years since Kaizen and the Toyota Production System have entered the consciousness of management, countless organizations have tried to emulate the successful elements. They have tried implementing tools like 5S, TPM, Jidoka, and Kanban. For too many organizations, the improvements that these methods bring are short lived. They struggle to sustain their results and create a culture of Kaizen at all levels. This book examines the missing elements that must be included in order to achieve true Kaizen.

The authors, Collin McLoughlin and Toshihiko Miura, use their decades of combined experience to identify the factors for true Kaizen that even long time Lean practitioners miss. By examining case studies and first hand experience from around the world they have created a model for cultural transformation that will work anywhere, with anyone, and in any industry. True Kaizen is a challenging journey, but it is a proven model for success.


  • Cross cultural insights from North American and Japanese authors
  • An updated 21st century perspectives on Kaizen and Lean
  • Decades worth of international consulting insights
  • The latest innovative concepts from Japan’s top Lean practitioners
  • A direct lineage from Taiichi Ohno’s original Kaizen philosophy


“Collin McLoughlin has written a must-read primer for anyone considering a lean turnaround and a complete guide to implement the best productivity tools available for any industry…Read this book – and learn from one of the best books I ever read.”
Luis Socconini
President, Lean Six Sigma Institute
CEO / Master Black Belt
Lean Six Sigma Institute

“In writing True Kaizen’ Collin McLoughlin and Toshihiko Miura have created an insight into Kaizen that cleverly intertwines its practical application with its underlying philosophy. A great example of this was the explanation of tackling the ‘Elephant in the Room’, a metaphor that most of us are familiar with, but by providing insight into the way that Taiichi Ohno managed these types of scenarios. McLoughlin and Miura are true practitioners of Lean Thinking and I can recommend this book as a ‘must read’ for anyone wishing to embed a Kaizen Culture into their organization. You don’t often get the opportunity to peek inside of the minds of two great business advisors and this is one opportunity that you must take.”
Philip Holt
Head of Operational Excellence,
Accounting Operations,
Royal Philips

“True Kaizen is a guide into the mindset of Kaizen as originally envisioned by Taiichi Ohno.  The book focuses on three critical elements of leadership and management; (1) addressing and improving the perspective (mindset) of management, (2) exploring and improving the work place environment, and (3) observing and eliminating wasteful work processes.  While there have been many publications focused on the third element, far too little has been written about the mindset of leaders and the impact this can have on the work environment.  The principles throughout the book are illustrated by numerous examples from companies in many industries in Japan and other countries.  I am thankful that Collin McLoughlin and Toshihiko Miura have transcribed the teachings of Mr. Ohno and Mr. Yamada into clear and logical lessons that leaders everywhere will be able to use to improve the morale and performance of their workplace.”
Lynn D. Martin, M.D., M.B.A.
Medical Director, Continuous Performance Improvement
Interim Director, Bellevue Surgery Center
Seattle Children’s
Professor of Anesthesiology & Pediatrics (Adj.)
University of Washington School of Medicine