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Value Stream & Process Mapping Book


Value Stream & Process Mapping Book



ISBN: 9781897363430
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The Strategos Guide to Value Stream & Process Mapping – Genesis of Manufacturing Strategy

At last, this much anticipated book has been published and provides a much needed breath of fresh air. The Strategos Guide to Value Stream and Process Mapping has helpful tips on facilitating group VSM exercises and helps put VSM in the greater Lean context. With photos and examples of related Lean practices, the book focuses on implementing VSM, not just on drawing diagrams and graphs. This is the most comprehensive and practical book on the subject to date.

  • ISBN: 978-1897363430
  • Pages: 160

With the recent publicity about Value Stream Mapping, many seem to imagine it as another magical answer for all manufacturing problems. In this book, we have taken a practical and realistic point of view, recognizing the benefits as well as the limitations to mapping.

This book acquaints the reader with Value Stream Mapping as well as Process Mapping, and thereby provides a dual set of tools. This dual set is far more effective than either technique alone.

Overview of Book

  • Begins with a general introduction to the topic at hand and divides the concepts into easily manageable sections.
  • Leads the reader through Process Mapping Technique from start to finish, present to future.
  • Value Stream Mapping is covered with an equally in-depth analysis that not only explains the virtues of the system, but also acknowledges when it is not necessary. These chapters feature valuable sections with tips for facilitators and planning sessions.
  • The final chapters focus on combining these systems with Lean concepts and manufacturing strategy.
  • Last but not least, the book emphasizes the importance of the human aspect of these systems.