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VSM Training Package (Spanish)


VSM Training Package (Spanish)


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Value Stream Mapping is used for the documentation and analysis of the flow of materials and information which bring a product or service to market. Covering the foundational elements and outlining how to properly Value Stream Map, the VSM Training Package is the most effective and powerful way to first understand and document, then improve your workplace. This comprehensive training package is action oriented to ensure successful learning and facilitate the communication of Value Stream Mapping Principles.

Overview Video about Enna’s Training Packages:


A Whole Vision

Create a step by step process flow of the value streams within your organization as you implement Lean. Your people will learn to see how the improvements in one department can affect another department. These realizations will affect and reduce the lead time to bring a product or service to your final customers. Identifying improvements, while understanding the balance between individual efficiency and system efficiency, is crucial to realizing the benefits of Lean.

Create and Deploy an Action Plan

It is tough to build a house without a plan; why should planning your shopfloor operations be any different? Create a blueprint for your Lean Transformation using our Value Stream Mapping package. Use this resource as a guide to walk you though the creation of your current and future state value stream maps. These maps will show you which areas you can target to make the biggest impact with process improvement, enabling you to strategically deploy your Lean Transformation Action Plan with confidence.

Not Just Process Flow, Information Flow As Well

Often with process improvement one critical element is easily missed: information flow. Don’t get caught up focusing on the single process level. Use our Value Stream Mapping implementation package to visualize and document the work process at the plant level. Looking at this level ensures that you can see the linkage between the information flow and material flow, allowing you to envision the full impact of any improvements made. Make certain your operation managers and engineers understand how their work currently flows and what is possible for the future!

Visually Identify Waste

Learning to see waste is not a new concept. One unique benefit you will gain from using our Value Stream Mapping Training Package is documenting the value added elements in each step, from beginning of a process to the end. This illustrates not just waste but the sources of wastes in your organization. Reducing these wastes will increase the value added work, pulling you closer to your future state map.

Benefits You Can Measure

Creating a Value Stream Map is not a one-time event. Like all the tools of Lean and Kaizen VSM is designed to be used continually over time. The current state maps that you create, at various intervals, allow you to observe different snapshots of your organization and measure changes throughout the course of your Lean journey.

Quantify the direct benefits of the implementation of your Lean Transformation.

You’ve read a few books, taken some classes, and you know what the Lean principles are but where do you start? Learn how to put your knowledge into practice using Enna’s Training Packages.

Create Your Internal Experts

Train your workforce to be active and engaging Lean Experts who take ownership of their workplace and drive lasting sustainable change throughout the organization. These people have creative time and cost saving ideas; if only they were given the support to implement them. We have designed our materials for these up and coming experts; providing the supportive materials for both the first time facilitator and seasoned trainer.

Interactive/Physical Materials
Reach all Learning Types

Have you ever sat through a training video and not remembered any of the key points made? Why is it that in seminars/classes you don’t tend to retain concepts as well? It is passive learning. People retain key concepts better the more senses that they use – when they see, hear, feel, and do. Our training and implementation packages are designed to be dynamic for the participant, not a passive time filler.

Generate Results

Our training packages integrate shop floor activities so that participants have the opportunity to immediately apply the concepts, methodologies, and tools to their workplace. You will generate results to realize immediate benefits for your customers, employees, and entire organization.

Granular – Customize to your company’s schedule

Enna’s training packages are designed to fit your scheduling constraints. Whether you train in small increments over several days or dedicate an entire week to implement, each training package is broken down logically into training portions and implementation sections.

Bang for Your Buck

Train your staff with the most comprehensive, ongoing programs that will pay for themselves in the shortest amount of time. The core training materials are reusable and the participant workbooks and forms are easily replenished for countless training sessions. Unlike videos which are often dry and can quickly become outdated, the material in our Training Packages stay relevant.

Sustaining Your Program

You trained your employees and implemented Lean tools last year and you’re wondering why it’s not being sustained. Do your existing employees have forms and the knowledge of how to use them daily? Do they have a simple way to train new hires in the principles of Lean and how they are practiced within your organization?

An important aspect of a sustainable Lean program is the integration of regular training and daily implementation. Our products are an effective way to both train new employees and provide your existing employees with a solid base to continually learn from.

Team Based

Encourage team building within your organization through group training and implementation with the training package that fits your needs. When people brainstorm together to search out solutions, they will come up with many different and creative ideas. This combined effort will enable them to implement the best actions and assign ongoing improvement tasks to the people involved. When everyone in a team knows that he/she has a part in the process and the end result, they will take more ownership in the improvement process.

Components of our Training Packages

Facilitator Guide – Provides the facilitator with notes on presenting to the participants, background information to read before presenting that explains each slide and all the information presented, and holds the answer key to the assessment at the end of the training.

Participant Workbook – It is important for each participant to have their own workbook, as it provides each slide in the presentation with ample room for taking notes.

Preparation Guide – This accompanies each Training Package and outlines necessary materials, a timetable for each day including breaks and an approximation of how long each section should take to present and discuss, and provides a general list of activities and items that should be prepared for the workshop.

Forms – During the workshop phase of our Training Packages we provide the necessary forms to analyze and assess your operations.

Posters – The posters provided with each Training Package are a high impact, visual reminder of the concepts and tools covered during training. Use them in the training room and around the work area to reinforce the tools, methods, and concepts learned.

Tags – Are used to identify and select items of importance and vary depending on the subject matter and training package. These are used during the workshop portion of training.


* VSM Office Facilitator Guide (1)
A comprehensive, easy to use facilitator guide for training employees and guide the group through Value Stream Mapping.

* VSM Office Preparation Guide (1)
The guide contains a systematic approach to preparing and executing successful workshops in Office Value Stream Mapping and is included with the purchase of a solution package. It helps the Facilitator (trainer) prepare for the event, is a reference manual for timing, scheduling, and the overall process of the workshop.

* VSM Office Facilitator Digital Media CD (1)
The Digital Media CD is the focal point for training as it links the facilitator guide with the participant workbook by displaying in sequence the presentation information for the workshop. Designed using Flash technology, the presentation is a cut above anything designed in PowerPoint. It is the latest technology in presentation format, using dynamic formatting, user functionality and projection of image and content.

* VSM Office Participant Workbook (8)
Designed with the participants in mind, this workbook is used during the Value Stream Mapping workshop and retained for reference. The workbook combines information, illustrations, key questions and space for note-taking. It includes a self-assessment form for participants to test their understanding of principles communicated during the workshop.

* Product Family Matrix (1)
An 11×14 pad of forms to record product process families for your products. The families are based on processes of flow, not physical characteristics of the product

* Histogram Analysis Form (1)
An 11×14 pad of forms. This form records and identifies business cycle considerations when performing a VSM analysis. The 11 x 14 inch Histogram Analysis form allows the participants to identify seasonality or cyclical changes in product demand. By considering this in the analysis, participants are able to make correct decisions with the design of the new value streams.

* Pareto Analysis (P/Q Analysis) Form (1)
An 11×14 pad of forms for illustrating product variety and volume for the business. This form lists the products by type and volume to visually show which products are the most popular.

* Workshop Feedback Form (1)
Enna’s Workshop Feedback Form is designed for practical input and to fulfill two main objectives: assess and feedback. This pad / form consists of 25 – 8.5×11 sheets of paper with a cardboard backing.

* Data Box with Post-it® Technology Pad (1)
A 4×6 pad of custom forms are the primary data collection tool for value stream mapping. These Data Boxes allow your team to observe, document and retain information that is critical for the current state as well as the future state maps. The Data Boxes use 3M technology to allow the participants to display the data for each observed process instantly on the value stream map. These are essential for any value stream mapping program.

* Kaizen Improvement Burst with Post-it® Technology Pad (1)
A 3 5/8 x 3 1/2 pad of custom forms used as a tool to write down ideas while brainstorming to improve the current state and future state maps. The Kaizen Bursts use 3M technology to allow the participants to display their ideas easily on the current state and future state maps. These immediately document ideas.

* Just In Time Poster (1)
A full color visual aid used during training and posted in work areas as a reference to the Just In Time (JIT) principles of Value Stream Mapping.

* 7 Wastes of Operations Poster (1)
A full color visual aid to be used during training and posted in work areas to remind staff to continuously eliminate waste.

* Commandments for Continuous Improvement Poster (1)
A full color poster to support and be the cornerstone of your Value Stream Mapping Workshop. It encompasses the fundamental philosophy behind Kaizen while reminding participants how to problem solve as a team.

* VSM: Value Stream Mapping Poster (1)
A full color poster supports a trainer using Enna’s Value Stream Mapping Program referencing an overview of the steps of creating Value Stream Maps.


1. Introduction

  • Establish workshop structure
  • Illustrate VSM’s use; impact and benefits
  • Introduce and discuss 7 Wastes

2. Overview of Value Stream Mapping

  • Provide Definitions and Terminologies
  • Demonstrate Current and Future States
  • Purpose of Value Stream Mapping

3. Current State Map: Step by Step Nine Steps to Establish Current State

  • Identify primary value streams
  • Identify key metrics
  • Map overall process flow
  • Complete Data Boxes
  • Draw inventory & day supply
  • Summarize timeline
  • Calculate VSM ratios
  • Illustrate information flow
  • Fill out Kaizen Bursts

4. Future State Map: Door to Door Six steps to future state map creation

  • Assessment based on Takt Time
  • Eliminate non-value added steps
  • One-Piece Flow & trigger points
  • Build to supermarket
  • Level production mix
  • Confirm Kaizen Bursts

5. Developing the Value Stream Mapping Plan

  • Determining value stream loops
  • Developing workshop objectives
  • Establishing implementation plan
  • Establishing commitment to plan
  • Moving forward 

 6. Closing Workshop

  • Addressing team members
  • Management review and update


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