The difference between a leader and a boss

There is a difference between being a boss and a good leader. An effective leader inspires those underneath him or her, driving meaningful change throughout  a company because employees want to do their best. A boss simply tells people what to do.

This is an important difference to understand, leadership counselor Ritch Eich tells Business News Daily, especially for companies looking to adopt the Kaizen mindset. When developing Lean policies and procedures, it's crucial that employees at every level of a company strive to make these changes, and effective leaders are needed to make that happen.

In that regard, humbleness can go a long way. Leaders should always be willing to own up to their mistakes and accept the guidance of others, regardless of whether it's from someone above them or a worker they manage.

“Real leaders are humble, aren't afraid to show their humanity, their genuine concern for their employees. Real leaders create a culture of 'belonging' – one where associates feel important, desired and valued,” Eich told the news source.