The key to being a better leader is picking the right supports

So often, business owners stress over the importance of becoming better leaders. Leadership is a skill everyone has, and yet, some people have to work harder than others to develop the trait. However, there is only so much businesspeople can do to become better leaders, and it's frequently just as important that they hire the right staff to complement their innate strengths.

Leadership ultimately comes down to nurturing and empowering the people that key management works with. Rather than trying to force a square block into a triangular cut-out, they should simply hire a triangular block instead, a Doulos Leadership whitepaper suggests.

Hiring the right people

The economic recession created a vast pool of potential hires. On the one hand, that's great – it means businesses can be choosy and only pick the staff that works within their companies. On the flip side, it also means they are likely getting a lot of applicants, and interviewing can get tedious, which may result in hiring a less-than-ideal staffer simply because the business leader has already seen so many others.

As management looks for new talent, they should also be striving to hire people who may be better than them at specific tasks. The business owner or head doesn't have to be the best at everything within his or her company and should be hiring with this in mind.

“In order to hire the right people you have to be comfortable in your own skin,” the whitepaper adds. “In other words, you have to have enough courage, strength and security to go hire leaders who are more talented and gifted than you are. Do not hire people just like you or folks who are not quality in order to make yourself feel good – hire leaders who will grow and stretch each other.”

Sharpen your tools by offering training

The concept of Kaizen advocates continuous improvement for everyone in the company, not just the business owner. Management should offer new employees the appropriate training so they can provide the most value to the company and create better customer experiences.

“Training helps the employee to find job security and job satisfaction,” Management Study Guide adds. “The more satisfied the employee is and the greater  … his morale, the more he will contribute to organizational success.”