There is always time to develop leadership skills

For business owners and other management figures, time is one resource they frequently don't have enough of. However, that is no excuse for not developing the proper leadership skills, Logistics Viewpoints asserts.

A recent report from The Wall Street Journal highlights the time constraints faced by most executives – one sample of managers spent 18 hours of a 55-hour work week in meetings, on calls and at business meals. A common excuse among executives is that they simply can't find the time to brush up on their leadership skills. The key, the news source argues, is not to find time, but to make it.

“Let's face it, when you say you'll 'find' the time to do something, it rarely happens,” Logistics Viewpoints adds. “The reason is simple: there is no extra time to find. You have to define your priorities and make the time by eliminating non-value-added behavior and activities from your daily schedule.”

Leadership has a real value to a company's bottom line, with several studies suggesting well-managed companies outperform those lacking that element.