Two tactics to become a better leader

While some would argue that leaders are born instead of made, the fact of the matter is that anyone can improve his or her leadership skills. Here are two tips that can help managers and business leaders develop position-specific skills.

1. Listen to workers: When employees are talking to leaders and managers, it's crucial that their feedback and insight is taken to heart, asserts Top 7 Business. Few people know more about the effectiveness of operations and policies than those directly working with them, and by listening to employees, managers could find new ways to tackle inefficiencies.

2. Engage employees: Listening is only part of the relationship-building process. Managers also need to be able to connect with and engage employees as well. The key is showing employees that leaders value their feedback – rather than just taking suggestions from workers, managers need to actively discuss and implement these ideas.

Becoming an effective leader is a matter of continuous improvement, and by working on these two specific personality traits and skills, managers will be in a better position to help their companies succeed.