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Shadow Board Tool Sheets


Shadow Board Tool Sheets


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ISBN: WHITE 9781138079748 BLACK 9781138503571 GREEN 9781138503649 ORANGE 9781138503588 RED 9781138503601 BLUE 9781138503625 YELLOW 9781138503557
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Shadow Board Tool Sheets

A challenge within many companies is the management of tools, tooling, and equipment.  The use of tool shadow board provides a visual standard for tool and workplace management. All of your 5S, Lean, and Six Sigma workshops should incorporate visual management for proper tool placement as well and management. Our Shadow Board Tool Sheets comes in a variety of colors in order to meet your workplace color schemes or safety and work standard requirements. The use of this shadow tape speeds up daily 5S activities, increases productivity, and improves overall workspace organization standards.


  • Large sheets, 15″ by 15′ long
  • Self adhesive, stick to most surfaces
  • Durable engineered quality vinyl


  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Black
  • Orange
  • White

What is a Shadow Board?

Created during the 2nd 5S stage of Straighten/Set in Order, a shadow board is a system to organize tools and materials. The shadow board includes outlines or labeled shadows of designated tools to show where they are to be stored when not in use.

For a quick walkthrough of the Straighten/Set in Order process, please watch the video below from

How to Set-in-Order


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Shadow Board Tool Sheets - Colored Tape

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