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Twelve Keys to Sustainable Company Success


Twelve Keys to Sustainable Company Success



ISBN: 9781926537221
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Twelve Keys to Sustainable Company Success is a book that is a must have for companies of any size looking to achieve and sustain long-term success. Brought to you by the brilliant minds of two men who have been in the business of helping organizations for numerous years, Twelve Keys will open your mind to the key factors of a successful company and what you can do to achieve great heights.

William Christopher & Carl Thor condense their extensive years of business knowledge and experience into an easy to follow guide of important points, or keys, that all organizations should take into consideration when it comes to running their business. These keys are not for any specific field of work, but are for all fields of work in any industry.

Twelve Keys adds to the knowledge base of running a dynamic and sustainable company in a clear, concise, and easy to follow manner. Because each chapter is broken down into easily digestible portions, this book can be read cover to cover and also be used as a quick reference for specific ideas, concepts, or processes. With the important ideas outlined at the end of each chapter, finding and referencing a specific thought or idea within the book is quick and easy.

Sustainability is not just a buzzword; it is a core value that must be integrated into how we do business. Consumers and investors today are passionate about companies who do good for the environment, for themselves, and for future generations. This sustainable mentality, aided by the twelve keys outlined in this book, is a necessity to survive in an ever-changing, constantly scrutinized world of business.

About the Authors

William has written more than fifty articles and papers for business and professional publications and authored thirteen management books, two of which have won prestigious national awards. His current work includes consulting, writing, editing, and publishing with his current company, Management Innovations, and its literary agency, William F. Christopher Publication Services.

Carl is President of JarrettThor International, a management consulting firm specializing in productivity and quality improvement. Carl is a founding member of the Shingo Prize Board of Governors and was for many years Chair of the Shingo Prize Business Board of Examiners. Carl has recently published a business novel,


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