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Foundations of Standard Work Video Course


Foundations of Standard Work Video Course



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Standard Work

Mitigate the fear of standards, and what creating standards mean, by educating your workforce on the benefits they will enjoy by an all encompassing Standardized workplace. The common misconception is that standards are only written so people can be easily replaced, when in fact the truth is that by writing standard work out so anyone can follow the directions, people will have the time to put their energy toward new, exciting work. This DVD consists of 5 videos with a total running time of 11:23.

Courses Included:

Course 1 – The Importance of Standard Work (2 Videos)

The first chapter of the DVD provides a comprehensive introduction to what Standard Work consists of, and why it is vital to your organization’s growth and success.

  • Video 1 – Overview of Standard Work
  • Video 2 – Why Standard Work

Course 2 – Defining Standard Work as a Complete System for Improvement (2 Videos)

The second chapter delves into defining Standard Work, and what it means to have a complete Standard Work methodology in place.

  • Video 1 – What is Standard Work
  • Video 2 – Standard Work as a Complete Methodology

Course 3 – Foundational Elements of Standard Work (1 Video)

The DVD concludes with the foundational elements of Standard Work that will provide a more complete understanding of Standard Work so that you can reap the benefits of this comprehensive methodology.

  • Video 1 – The Three Elements of Standard Work

Number of Videos – 5

Running length – 11:23


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Foundations Of Standard Work

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