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Beyond Just Mapping the Value Stream Video Course


Beyond Just Mapping the Value Stream Video Course



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Value Stream Mapping – Beyond Just Mapping the Value Stream

Add depth to your Value Stream Mapping efforts by understanding and applying the methods and concepts that go beyond the simple mapping process. Utilize the tools and approaches explained in this DVD to bring your VSM efforts up to world class levels. This DVD is broken into 5 chapters that examine Value Stream Mapping as it relates to more complex Lean tools and methods. This DVD consists of 14 videos with a total running time of 29:09.

Courses included:

Course 1 – Flow Concept for Manufacturing Design (2 Videos)

The first two chapters outlines One-Piece Flow and Level Loading, as well as how to balance and achieve flow with your layout design.

  • Video 1 – Conditions for Flow
  • Video 2 – Achieving One-Piece Flow

Course 2 – Balancing Flow with Common Factory Design Concepts (3 Videos)

  • Video 1 – Explaining Level Loading
  • Video 2 – Understanding Line Leveling
  • Video 3 – Feeder Cells and Moving Lines

Course 3 – How to: Elements of VSM (2 Videos)

The next chapter explains important elements of VSM that you can use to develop a more well-rounded, multi-skilled workforce.

  • Video 1 – How to: Transportation
  • Video 2 – How to: Skills Matrix

Course 4 – Value Stream Mapping and the Kanban System (4 Videos)

The fourth chapter explores the relationship between VSM, Kanban, and how the two intertwine to achieve a greater state of flow.

  • Video 1 – Definition of Kanban and When To Use
  • Video 2 – 3 Types of Kanban
  • Video 3 – Supermarkets
  • Video 4 – Abnormal Conditions

Course 5 – Value Stream Mapping Forms (3 Videos)

The final chapter provides an overview and examples of industry standard forms used in Value Stream Mapping, and how you use them to map, analyze, and improve your processes.

  • Video 1 – VSM Forms: Pareto Analysis
  • Video 2 – VSM Forms: Product Family Matrix
  • Video 3 – VSM Forms: Histogram Analysis

Number of Videos – 14

Running length – 29:09


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