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Lean Facility Layout

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Lean Facility Layout

$229.99 $69.99


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Lean Facility Layout

Building on the foundational elements of a Lean Layout, this DVD supplies a greater depth of knowledge and illustrates a wide breadth of tools to use to accomplish the best layout possible in your facility. This DVD addresses the flow of processes, obstacles to achieving flow, and how to design areas of work that are easier to work in and more efficient. This DVD consists of 11 videos with a total running time of 39:32.

Courses included:

Course 1 – Utilizing Personnel in a Lean Layout (4 Videos)

The first chapter addresses the minimization of movement, introduction of Waterspiders, and how to effectively design work areas.

  • Video 1 – Counterclockwise Flow
  • Video 2 – Minimize Walking
  • Video 3 – 1 Person Production Area Design
  • Video 4 – Waterspiders in a Lean Layout

Course 2 – Line Flow in a Lean Layout (5 Videos)

The next chapter then takes this a step further and delves into how inflows and outflows should be addressed, obstacles to achieving flow, and the importance of flexibility to be able to rearrange the workspace.

  • Video 1 – Line Entrances and Exits
  • Video 2 – Inflows and Outflows
  • Video 3 – Work Positions
  • Video 4 – Flow Obstacles
  • Video 5 – Line Flexibility

Course 3 – Equipment Flow (2 Videos)

The final chapter is all about equipment, flow, and how to quickly achieve a more optimized process flow.

  • Video 1 – Move Quickly, Move Accurately
  • Video 2 – 3P and Equipment Flow

Number of Videos – 11

Running length – 39:32


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Lean Facility Layout

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